Conflict resolution for condo conflicts
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The present situation of high conflict in Florida between Boards and owners requires an array of solutions. The field of conflict resolution is developed on the implementation of peaceful processes for preventing, managing and resolving disputes, thus improving cooperation and consensus.

There are several options for resolving conflicts of interests and improving communication in condo boards/owners relationship.

They are scaled from the most easy and non-expensive, on the preventive side to the most expensive: the resource to court, and then upwards to the most time and resource intensive, legislative reform.

Improving Boards/owners communication
Resource instituted by the state of Florida, to address:
Helping the private sector to understand their rights and responsibilities under the law and condominium documents
See: Ombudsman
See: Florida law

718.5012 Ombudsman; powers and duties
.--The ombudsman shall have the powers that are necessary to carry out the duties of his or her office, including the following specific powers:

To monitor and review procedures and disputes concerning condominium elections or meetings, including, but not limited to, recommending that the division pursue enforcement action in any manner where there is reasonable cause to believe that election misconduct has occurred. The division shall process the ombudsman’s recommendations and petitions in an expedited manner and defer to his findings.

Reporting to the Governor, DBPR and the legislature regarding any suggested changes to Florida’s condominium laws.

The Court system:
Legislative reform:

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