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What are the resources available for resolving condo conflicts?
1. Legal Research Links:
Florida Condominium Law to Florida Constitution.
Go to:
For Florida law – click on “State Code”
Scroll down to Title XL – Real & Personal Property & click
Go to the chapter of law you are looking for and click.
Another useful link for looking up Florida law:

2. General information about the state of Florida condominium regulations:

3. How to fill a complaint against the condominium association board:

4. Facilitation services to help run difficult Board meetings:

a) link here:
Consensus Building and Facilitation

b) Roberts Rules of Order:

5. Mediator services in English, Creole and Spanish

6. Equal Opportunity Board of Florida

7. Organizations: (quoted from the following website:)

• Condo Man: State Rep. Julio Robaina (District 117) has emerged as a leading voice for condo owners in Tallahassee. Last year, Robaina helped pass a law that created a condo ombudsman and the Condominium Advisory Council. Next session he'll be focusing on mandatory audits; background checks and financial disclosures for board members; and board eligibility for full-time residents only. Rep.

• Condo Ombudsman: Virgil Rizzo was the state's first ombudsman. A referee of sorts, he had been granted authority by the governor to work out of the Department of Business and Professional Regulation in Tallahassee on your behalf. If you are experiencing mismanagement issues you can reach him at 850-922-7671 or

• Cyber Citizens For Justice: This statewide group was co-founded by St. Augustine activist Jan Bergemann, who is always eager to help condo or homeowner ''underdogs.'' The group serves as a clearinghouse of information, and serves up a wide range of topics at its website,, including the first Condo Ombudsman's quarterly report (from April 2005), and the April 2005 OPPAGA report of the State Office of Program Policy Analysis & Government Accountability.

• DBPR: The Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation regulates condominium and homeowner associations. There are about 1,000 registered Community Association Managers in Miami-Dade. You can find out if your property manager is registered by going to or by calling 850-487-1395.

• Elevators: Don't be dragged down by stuck elevators. Malfunctioning elevators should not be a fact of daily life. They could be dangerous and also a sign that your condo's maintenance is lagging. Miami-Dade's chief elevator inspector, Mike Chavez, can be reached at 305-375-1577. If you live in Miami, Cecy Darley, assistant to Hector Lima, director of the city's Building Department, is reachable at 305-416-1105. The contact in Miami Beach is John Antona at 305-673-7000.

• In Sickness and Health: You are responsible for your mortgage and common charges, even if a sudden illness leaves you in a vegetative state. Make sure your real estate asset is protected should you be incapacitated by doing some estate planning. Pre-Need Guardian Forms and Power of Attorney forms are available for free at (click on Member Services).

• Checking Up On Contractors: The county's Building Code Compliance Department can tell you if a contractor holds a license, the status of that license, if there are complaints against the contractor, if the contractor holds insurance and more. The department also produces several brochures for consumers, such as How to Hire a Licensed Contractor. Call 305-375-2901 or visit:

• Florida Community Association Coalition (FCAC) was established to be the first state wide coalition seeking to band condominium and homeowner associations together throughout the State of Florida. The Florida Community Association Coalition (FCAC) will provide its members with unique benefits, programs, savings and the opportunity to address issues that affect all associations. Call: 561- 616-4266 or write:

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